Stanford University
david lobell is a professor at stanford university in the department of earth system science and the gloria and richard kushel director of the center on food security and the environment. he is also the william wrigley senior fellow at the stanford woods institute for the environment, and a senior fellow at the freeman spogli institute for international studies (fsi) and the stanford institute for economic policy and research (siepr). his research focuses on agriculture and food security, specifically on generating and using unique datasets to study rural areas throughout the world. he has been recognized with a macarthur fellowship in 2013, a mcmaster fellowship from csiro in 2014, and the macelwane medal from the american geophysical union in 2010. he also served as lead author for the food chapter and core writing team member for the summary for policymakers in the recent intergovernmental panel on climate change (ipcc) fifth assessment report.

prior to his current appointment, dr. lobell was a senior research scholar at fse from 2008-2009 and a lawrence post-doctoral fellow at lawrence livermore national laboratory from 2005-2007. he received a phd in geological and environmental sciences from stanford university in 2005, and a sc.b. in applied mathematics, magna cum laude from brown university in 2000.
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