Stanford University
before joining stanford in january 2014, i held a position as lecturer in applied mathematics and as a ziff environmental fellow at harvard. i hold a phd in geophysics from mit and a master in public administration from the harvard kennedy school. prior to joining graduate school, i worked as a scientific consultant for different international organizations aiming to reduce the impact of natural and environmental disasters in vulnerable communities. the goal of my research is to advance our basic understanding and predictive capabilities of complex multi-phase flows that are fundamental to earth science. i pursue this goal by developing original computational methods customized for the problem at hand. the phenomena i explore range from the microscopic to the planetary scale and space a wide variety of geophysics systems such as volcanoes, glaciers, and magma oceans. i have taught both undergraduate and graduate courses in scientific, planetary evolution, and natural disasters. since arriving at stanford in january 2014, i have co-taught ges 118, understanding natural hazards, quantifying risk, increasing resilience in highly urbanized regions
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